Compare Reticulated Python Vs Green Anaconda

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  • Reticulated Python is the longest snake and longest reptile in the world which can grow up to 25 ft in length and their average length is ranging from 10 ft to 21 ft and Adults can weigh up to 78 kg. They are found in Southeast Asia from Northeast India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

    Reticulated python
    Reticulated python
    Green Anaconda is the world heaviest snake and one of the longest snakes after Python, and they are also called with the name Boa. Boa or Green Anaconda found in the forests of South America, mainly in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and in the island Trinidad. They can grow up to the length of 18 ft and adult weighs up to 120 kg. 

    Green Anaconda
    Green Anaconda
    Both Reticulated Python and Anaconda are good swimmers which help them to ambush and attack small mammals like monkey, deer and pigs. 

    Before moving further let’s take a one look on physical features of both giant snakes.

    Compare Reticulated Python Vs Green Anaconda

    reticulated python vs green anaconda
    Reticulated Python Vs Green Anaconda

    Scientific Name
    Python Reticulatus
    Eunectes Murinus
    Average Length
    10 ft to 25 ft
    8 ft to 18 ft
    Max Length (recorded)
    32 ft 9 inch
    Average Weight
    50 kg
    75 kg
    Max weight (recorded)
    145 kg
    220 kg
    Southeast Asia
    South America
    Birds, Rats, Cats, Pigs, Deer, Domestic Dogs etc.
    Birds, Fishes, Turtles, Caiman and small Mammals.

    Reticulated Python is the world longest snake but it is not the heaviest snake, on the other hand Green Anaconda is not the world longest but it is the world heaviest snake.


    Reticulated Python relies heavily on birds, mammals like cats, pigs, domestic dogs, monkeys and Deer. Diet of python is depend on how big the python is, young and small reticulated python age of 4 years generally relies on birds, rats and frog. There are many cases of Reticulated Python which are very popular and one of the cases is from Indonesia where Reticulated Python has fully swallowed the 5 ft human being.

    An adult Green Anaconda relies on birds, fishes, turtles, caiman and small mammals where as small anacondas swallow fishes and rodents. Green Anacondas are the world heaviest snake therefore their diets are also heavy, In Amazon large anaconda usually swallow alligators which weighs up to 34 kg.

    Face to Face

    This is very tough and difficult to answer which one is going to win the fight when these two giants’ snakes will meet each other. As far as stats are concerned both snakes have the same ability and power, one is the longest and another is the heaviest but according to snakes experts we have a conclusion that, heaviest animal and reptiles always have the upper hand over his opponent, so in that case Green Anaconda will swallow Reticulated Python if they will meet each other. But this is not possible because a 25 ft long Reticulated Python weighing up to 80 kg cannot be swallowed by the 18 ft long Green Anaconda weighing up to 120 kg, reason is as both snakes have same width with length varies and there is not enough space in green anaconda to swallow reticulated python but yes Reticulated Python can easily swallow Green Anaconda because it has a more teeth than green anaconda and also have the length advantage.

    According to survey we found that 55 % people thinks that Reticulated Python will win the fight, 40 % people thinks that Green Anaconda will win the fight and 5 % have the mix views.


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